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By consenting to our privacy policy, you are allowing us to use your individual information. The individual information that we collect includes your name, address, bank account information, contact number, emails and so forth. All these details are sourced, when you start with us to register, so as to apply for a cash loans for unemployed or any other service.  As for us, we do not encourage you to give your personal information that can be sensitive to you. We only collect those details that are genial and necessary.

As for the information that we hold, it is to be used to enrich your experience, while starting for any service. To an extent, we may share some of the information with some of the third party sources. But at the same time, we do have systems in place, which prevent the information being used from other fraudulent services. On your part, you must make sure that all the information that you pass on to us should be carefully scrutinized.

We put emphasis of arranging appropriate information and refrain from contribution fraudulent information. In case we do find someone with malignant information, so as to dislodge us with fake details, the law enforcing agencies will be then notified and it will be up to them to take the necessary action.

On the other hand, the privacy policy can be updated or changed for which we may or may not inform you. In such a scenario, you can look out for updates. In case we have to get to out to you, we will do so by sending you a direct mail or email.

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